Felix's Birthday, 2022


My first time drawing birthday art for my fave! I'm normally a four-ears hater, you see, but the problem with Felix is that because of his updos, if you don't draw his human ears it's VERY obvious. I devised a way to cover that space up, but I don't really like it... I'm not sure if next time I'd give him four ears or lower the cat ears. I also think I drew the mouth too low, which makes his undefined nose very awkward and weird. Also, the coloring is boring. You can tell I was in a rush to meet a (self-imposed) deadline for sure.

But all that only applies to the chibi. Now, the background? Honestly, I can still see where I cut corners, but overall it's really cute and I still like looking at it. I liked it so much I turned it into a phone case (and you can have it as a phone case too if you click the RB link below!) which I no longer have because that phone got stolen. I still haven't bothered to rebuy it, because I figured I could just draw an even better phone case. I still haven't. I have too many hobbies and things to do... sad how there's only 24 hours in a day.

- comment from Nov 12 2022, drawing uploaded to Twitter Feb 19 2022


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