So what spawned this drawing was me thinking "Flayn is really cute, but her hair is kind of silly... I wonder what she'd look like with different hairstyles," and then I drew exactly that. I'm not sure if it shows or if it's obvious, but while drawing the 2 big Flayns I had 60s and early 70s shoujo manga in mind. For the full body, I even looked at fashion art of characters from that time period, but I don't think I copied the pose from them. It inspired her outfit, though. It looks a little modern, right? I hope so. The pink is because in-game her class outfits are pink, and the blue flowery border and faded background flowers are because her favorite flower is the forget-me-not. Yes, this simple drawing had a lot of thought put into it....

As for the chibi... it's just there because I like drawing chibis. It ended up really cute! I was really proud of it. Still am, in fact. The Flayn on the right is also super cute to me. The one to the left... Well, it's cute, but I don't love it as much as the other two. I think it's obvious I couldn't draw her hands right and ended up putting her arms down, LOL.

- comment from Nov 12 2022, drawing uploaded to Twitter Feb 24 2022


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