hi! my name is chrishawn, but many people just call me cici. i'm 16 years old, black, and nonbinary. use any pronouns you want for me, except it/its.

i like a lot of things, and i think what you'll see here (my twitter, which is most likely how you got here) most often iiiis...
  • shoujo animanga + merch, especially from the 70s-90s
  • tokimeki tonight, my all-time favorite manga despite never finishing it (its complicated)
  • magical girls
  • mario games
  • select shounen animanga (jjba, inuyasha, dragon ball?)
  • other video games, other comics and cartoons, misc personal posts, etc etc

i also draw sometimes!

ranze yuri, my oc these two

here is my tumblr, twitter, mal, and my peach is @etoranze. have a good day!